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Press – Lisa Carron Shmerling

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“Older workers are like a cocoa-powdered chocolate truffle. Kind of dusty on the outside, but full of good stuff on the inside.”

Imagine a cross between and the Peace Corps – but with the objective of matching seasoned volunteer physicians eager to share their knowledge with clinics that provide care to the underserved.

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“As I talked to doctors nearing retirement, they wanted to contribute, but had no place to do it.”

I’m an obstetrician and gynecologist in San Francisco and, at 66, I’m still delivering babies. But my “encore” project started when I was elected president of the Harvard Medical School Alumni Association.

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Dr. Laurie Green Delivers – and More

Excerpt from Dr. Laurie Green Delivers – and More from the Nob Hill Gazette:

For more than 35 years, Dr. Green has been taking care of Bay Area women and delivering their babies – now she delivers babies of babies she delivered, making her a self-described “grand-doctor.” Her practice is thriving, and her energy is infectious.

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Video: MAVEN Project sits down with The NonProfit World

Watch the May 4, 2017 NonProfit World episode on The MAVEN Project:

featuring Lisa Shmerling – Executive Director, Andy Lobb – Director of Programs, and Dr. Lisa Levine – Chief Medical Officer

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Video: The MAVEN Project – New England Serves

In their series “New England Serves” NBC Boston featured the work our volunteers are doing to improve access to specialist care for patients in Massachusetts and around the country. Watch the entire clip here:


A network of volunteer retired physicians are serving the community. For information or to volunteer, visit:…

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Giving Back

Excerpt from Giving Back: Telemedicine volunteer opportunity for newly retired, semi-retired DOs from the American Osteopathic Association:

Looking for a way to stay engaged in medicine? The MAVEN Project connects volunteer physicians with community health centers.

In states like California, where there are many Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs), defined by the government as a population-to-provider ratio of at least 3,500 to 1, community health centers are working to improve access to health care for patients who receive Medicaid benefits or are uninsured.

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Zoom into The MAVEN Project

Excerpt from Zoom into The MAVEN Project: Filling Healthcare Gaps One Physician at a Time from Zoom Blog:

By Nina Jolani, The MAVEN Project

In the US we spend about 18 percent* of our GDP on healthcare – more than any other high income country – yet we have the poorest health among these nations.

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Nonprofit Matches Volunteer Physicians with Communities in Need

Excerpt from Nonprofit Matches Volunteer Physicians with Communities in Need from American Psychiatric Association:

As the lack of access to health care continues to affect many communities in the United States, especially those in in disadvantaged or rural areas, gynecologist Laurie Green, M.D., believes that the large body of retired or semi-retired physicians in this country can provide much-needed help.

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Bay Area Life: Doctors Making a Difference

Excerpt from Bay Area Life: Doctors Making a Difference by Helping People in Need, featured on ABC 7 News Bay Area Life.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The MAVEN Project’s mission is to address the unmet healthcare needs of underserved U.S. populations seeking services at safety net clinics.

By creating a corps of experienced volunteer physicians comprised of alumni from the nation’s medical schools and affiliated training programs, paired with cutting edge telehealth technology to enable remote consultations, The MAVEN Project links volunteers with safety net clinics in need of their expertise.

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Accessing Specialists Through MAVEN Project

Excerpt from Better Access to Specialists through The MAVEN Project from Lynn Community Health Center:

Lynn Community Health Center has launched a collaboration with the Medical Alumni Volunteer Expert Network, known as The MAVEN Project(link is external), a nonprofit organization which is creating a national corps of semi-retired, retired and other experienced physicians willing to donate their time to medically underserved areas.

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