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We need your help to improve health care access in underserved communities!

The MAVEN Project is seeking primary care and specialty care physicians for advisory consults, mentorship, and education via telehealth technology.

We welcome physician volunteers who:

    • Are newly retired, semi-retired, in industry, or in clinical practice
    • Have a minimum of 2 years of clinical practice experience
    • Have been active in the medical community in the past 3 years
    • Have an active or volunteer U.S. medical license (any state)
    • Are able to provide 3 professional references
    • Are willing to commit a minimum of 4 hours per month for 6 months

The MAVEN Project covers malpractice insurance for MAVEN Project related activities and provides physician volunteers access to HIPAA-secure telehealth technology.


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Our Volunteer Physicians are telling us…


Often it isn’t a matter of going to a local cardiologist or going to The MAVEN Project, it’s often nothing or The MAVEN Project.


It’s not a switch you can turn on and off. So I can’t imagine the moment in my life when I would say, ‘I no longer want to care give.’


I find The MAVEN Project volunteer experience to be intellectually stimulating because it requires me to remain abreast of the most current research, which is rewarding.


What I like about The MAVEN Project is the opportunity to give back. I also missed practice and didn’t want my training to go to waste. I spent many years to get this amount of clinical training. The MAVEN Project is helping me put it to use.


The MAVEN Project has been a lot of fun. Medicine is great fun when you are not stressed. I am retired from 70-hour work weeks. Now this is low stress.


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