Lisa Carron Shmerling,

Strategic Advisor


Lisa Carron Shmerling, JD, MPH, is currently a legal consultant to a number of early stage biotech companies. She has been involved with The MAVEN Project since 2013 and served as The MAVEN Project’s Executive Director from September 2014 until October 2017. Prior to joining the MAVEN Project, Ms. Shmerling spent 30 years as a biotech/technology counsel, including positions as VP of Legal Affairs at Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Associate General Counsel at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, and as a consultant for numerous early stage organizations. She was also a senior health policy associate with the Office of Health Policy and Technology, Commonwealth Medicine, University of Massachusetts. Ms. Shmerling previously served on the boards of Art in Giving and The Countryside Children’s Afterschool Program, and as the VP of Legal Affairs for Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. she served as the chairperson of the Disclosure Committee. She received her MPH from Tufts University Medical School (Delta Omega Honor Society), a J.D. from New England School of Law and a B.S.W. from SUNY at Albany.