Our Impact


The MAVEN Project builds the knowledge and support system of primary care providers at underserved community health clinics. This results in enhanced patient health outcomes and clinic effectiveness.


The MAVEN Project tracks a number of key outputs and outcomes, including the number of primary care providers and patients served through our diverse programs. The case studies below help to illustrate our transformative impact.


Lifesaving Drugs Given

A clinic received several shipments of free, advanced diabetes medications but the on-site providers were inexperienced in choosing appropriate patients and doses. Our volunteer endocrinologist stepped in, guiding clinic staff on medication utilization and monitoring. The closet is emptying, the clinic providers are confidently prescribing, and patients are enjoying improved blood sugars and quality of life!


A Chance for Life

A pediatric patient with complex medical conditions required a heart transplant, but confusion about his illness and surgical urgency erroneously disqualified him. With the partnership of our expert physician volunteer geneticist, the patient was formally placed in line for the transplant that could add years to his young life.

New Maved.jpg

A Debilitating Disease Treated

A clinic team encountered difficulty convincing patients to take methotrexate, a cost-effective, long-standing treatment for joint-destroying rheumatoid arthritis. Having faced similar reluctance, our volunteer rheumatologist had developed time-proven patient education materials—in English and Spanish—about both the disease and the drug. When clinic providers adopted these materials, patient compliance skyrocketed, along with improved health and confidence.

We are currently partnering with 80+ clinic sites serving over 765,000 patients, and look forward to continued expansion in 2019.