The MAVEN Project and VSee Partner to Cut Effects of Provider Shortages in Underserved Communities Via Telehealth

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Boston, MA — The MAVEN Project, a nonprofit health care organization, and VSee, a San Jose-based telehealth company, are partnering to create a scalable model of live support and physician mentorship to primary care providers (PCPs) in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), free clinics and underserved communities across the United States. By leveraging The MAVEN Project’s national network of volunteer physicians and VSee’s secure telehealth technology, the partnership seeks to provide better health outcomes to patients, reduce provider burnout and bring recently retired or tech-naive physicians back into the health system.


CEO of The MAVEN Project, Lisa Bard Levine, MD, MBA, says, “Underserved inner city and rural Americans face critical access to needed health care services.  We believe the most efficient and effective way we can help solve these issues is through digital health. The MAVEN Project’s volunteer physicians offer what no AI system or medical database can currently offer - human empathy and the art of medicine coupled with years of clinical practice experience. That’s why we’re excited to partner with VSee telehealth which has focused on creating physician-friendly technology. VSee’s easy to use platform is allowing us to bring back into our health system many of our best and most experienced physicians in a meaningful, rewarding and scalable way.  ”


One in 15 Americans are served by local community health “safety net” clinics. These clinics provide ongoing, basic health care for millions of uninsured and underinsured patients. However, complex medical care and specialty expertise in these community "safety net" clinics are limited due to economic, social, and geographic barriers.  Individuals with chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes, asthma) often experience long delays seeing specialists until their conditions deteriorate, leading to emergency room visits and avoidable hospitalizations.


The MAVEN Project offers mentorship, practical education, and specialist consult services to meet the resource gaps of federally-qualified health centers (FQHCs), safety net health centers, and free clinics through its volunteer network.  Its physicians can easily connect with local primary care providers (PCPs), irrespective of geographic location, whenever and wherever is convenient via telehealth technology. At the click of a mouse or touch of a screen, urban and rural FQHCs and free clinics will have access to world-class medical care of all specialties. These offerings result in increased knowledge, improved service delivery, and long term local capacity building.


VSee is enabling The MAVEN Project to scale and expand its mentorship and advisory services through a secure, easy to use telehealth system. VSee offers the flexibility to quickly modify a virtual clinic to fit each physical clinic's exact needs for a streamlined workflow. VSee is also rich in telehealth features such as

  • telemedicine consent and customizable intake forms,

  • medical device streaming (digital otoscope, EKG, ultrasound, etc.),

  • lossless image sharing (of x-rays, DICOM MRIs, etc.),

  • uncompressed digital stethoscope streaming,

  • wellness device integrations (FitBit, wireless scales, blood pressure cuff…), and

  • secure group chat.

VSee CEO, Dr. Milton Chen says, “We feel very privileged to be partnering with The MAVEN Project to improve care to the underserved. We believe that telehealth is key to solving physician shortage problems and improving health care delivery. What we’ve learned in our 10 years is that if telehealth isn’t easy for the physician to use, then it won’t get used. That’s why we are so focused understanding physician needs and creating a truly provider-friendly experience.”


About The MAVEN Project

The MAVEN Project’s volunteer physicians—many retired or semi-retired—are a previously untapped workforce and an immediate solution for under-resourced clinics.  We carefully credential the volunteers and provide them with malpractice coverage and technical support.  We foster ongoing relationships between clinic providers and our volunteers that optimize patient care and engender mutual trust.  Our services are available to clinic primary care providers – where they need it, when they need it.  Providers in the field can obtain immediate answers to pressing questions; discuss groups of cases with our experts; review individual complex cases; or receive clinically-pertinent education.  Our services are available now, and available later – depending on the needs of the clinic provider.  We train our clinic partners and physician volunteers on the VSee telehealth platform and make it easy to use.  Find us at


About VSee

VSee is the telehealth company that makes doctors love doing medicine again.  The chosen video visit provider of NASA Space Station, Walgreens, MDLIVE,  DaVita, Trinity, Ascension and 1200+, VSee is also the parent company of a 5000 member medical group, This American Doc--a physician-owned airbnb-like marketplace for telehealth staffing. VSee is known for its simple design, robust video, highly versatile solutions, and personalized service.


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