Dr. Laurie Rae Green: The MAVEN Project And Telemedicine

Excerpt from Dr. Laurie Rae Green: The MAVEN Project and Telemedicine from Throomers:

By Attiyya Atkins

Dr. Green started The MAVEN Project in 2014 to fill the void that retired doctors feel once they put up their stethoscopes. Knowledge shouldn’t go to waste, in her opinion. “Doctors are very social people. They train in large student groups through medical school and are constantly working with teams throughout their professional careers to share their knowledge. Then comes retirement and doctors experience something they usually haven’t experienced — professional and intellectual isolation,” she said.

Most doctors will agree that when it comes to sharing their expertise, it makes them feel better because they’re helping sick people feel better. So, Dr. Green connected these specialized doctors to populations that needed it the most — the ones without insurance, have low-income and a lack of resources usually found at community health centers…

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