Bay Area Life: Doctors Making a Difference


Excerpt from Bay Area Life: Doctors Making a Difference by Helping People in Need, featured on ABC 7 News Bay Area Life.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The MAVEN Project's mission is to address the unmet healthcare needs of underserved U.S. populations seeking services at safety net clinics.

By creating a corps of experienced volunteer physicians comprised of alumni from the nation's medical schools and affiliated training programs, paired with cutting edge telehealth technology to enable remote consultations, The MAVEN Project links volunteers with safety net clinics in need of their expertise.

Rural and inner city safety net clinics are the core source of care for the medically indigent, including uninsured and under-insured individuals, Medicaid recipients, adults and children. Yet throughout the country, these clinics lack adequate access to specialty and in some cases primary care physicians.

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