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Excerpt from Encore.org:

“As I talked to doctors nearing retirement, they wanted to contribute, but had no place to do it.”

I’m an obstetrician and gynecologist in San Francisco and, at 66, I’m still delivering babies. But my “encore” project started when I was elected president of the Harvard Medical School Alumni Association. One of my first steps was to talk to as many alums as I could on a listening tour. Here’s what I heard.

Because of changes in the way medicine is practiced, a lot of doctors are no longer independent and big corporations are moving into medicine. Doctors from the “baby boomer” generation are nearing retirement age, with a sense that they were part of medicine in its glory days.

I wanted to create a place where experienced doctors could remain relevant and connected, and share their knowledge. Looking at the new health care landscape, I knew there was a dire need.

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