Meeting a Need: Teledermatology in Lynn, Massachusetts


Lynn Community Health Center (LCHC) - one of MAVEN Project’s original pilot sites - recently acquired a grant to offer a new teledermatology services to its patients, through a service called 3Derm. This asynchronous technology remotely provides dermatologists with the same information they would normally rely upon during an in-person visit. 3Derm allows clinic medical providers to capture high-resolution, two- and three-dimensional images, and the consulting dermatologist is presented with patient information as well as a complete set of images needed to make a diagnosis.

While LCHC had the technology, they did not have access to a dermatologist to read the 3Derm images, so the MAVEN Project stepped up to find a volunteer physician who could fill this critical need. A short time later, we matched LCHC with Dr. Victor Neel.

Dr. Neel is a board-certified dermatologic surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is known as one of Boston's most experienced and knowledgeable Mohs surgeons. After only a few hours of orientation and a quick demonstration of the technology, he was prepared to provide his first asynchronous reads for LCHC and its patients.

Since beginning in late February 2017, Dr. Neel has already completed a total of 77 asynchronous reads. Approximately 30 percent of his consults have requested a high or medium priority in-person referral. Thanks to Dr. Neel, patients with possible basal cell and melanoma have received a quicker diagnosis of these potentially serious conditions.

Dr. Neel is one of many MAVEN Project volunteers who have already made enormous contributions, but even with all of the generous efforts of our volunteers, the demand from clinics remains extremely high. To continue to address that growing need, we are always looking for licensed physicians who want to stay involved in healthcare during retirement or semi-retirement.

We ask a minimum of only four hours per month for six-months, but many of our volunteers continue well beyond that amount - the time commitment is small, but the impact you can make is enormous!

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