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Sharing time between private practice, volunteering, Dr. Terry Hatch aids complex pediatric cases.

Over his 50-year career, Terry Hatch, M.D., gained more diverse experience than most. He’s still active in his chosen specialty – pediatric gastroenterology – seeing patients with complex health conditions that benefit from his wealth of knowledge.

It was his own pediatrician that inspired him to pursue medicine. His childhood doctor was distinguished and personable. A real role model who was well trained and stayed current in medical advancements.

Early in his training, Dr. Hatch recognized that he would follow in the footsteps of his physician and pursue pediatrics. He enjoyed working with children and the focus offered so much variety. Though he began as a generalist, he eventually shifted to gastroenterology, one of the broadest specialties available. It afforded him the opportunity to provide a wide variety of care.

As his career began to wind down, Dr. Hatch found MAVEN Project and committed time to help the growing organization.

“I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of the valuable service that MAVEN Project provides,” Dr. Hatch said. “It’s been so gratifying to be a part of MAVEN Project’s growth over the years and contribute to quality medical care.”

Dr. Hatch’s distinguished career isn’t over yet. He’s an Associate Professor Emeritus at University of Illinois Division of Nutritional Sciences and University of Illinois College of Medicine, and he’s still practicing parttime and participating in research.

“I love working with clinicians and patients who are working through varied clinical problems to help them advance care,” Hatch added. “MAVEN Project is providing great value to both providers and patients, I’m proud to be part of it. Every case is unique and important, and they all remind me why I do what I do.”

Not surprisingly, Dr. Hatch’s career included numerous other teaching roles, including developing curriculum at University of Illinois College of Medicine, Urbana/Champaign and serving as Director of Medical Education at the Carle Foundation Hospital. He also spent time in the American Academy of Pediatrics leadership.

Volunteering with MAVEN Project and continuing to practice medicine isn’t the only thing keeping Dr. Hatch busy. He’s active on the board of the Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation and works regularly with their clinics. He also enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, woodworking and exploring outdoors.


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